7 Tips For Great Wedding Day Photos

December 29, 2018
wedding party laughing together at the club at Hillbrook Cleveland Ohio

If you’re planning your wedding without a planner, then you may be in for a very overwhelming process. For each of my couples, I try my best to go above and beyond by helping them with their timeline and finding amazing vendors. In addition, I want to help them prepare for the day, so they can ensure their wedding photos come out amazing. I’ll obviously work my magic throughout their day, but below I’ve listed seven ways they can help me get phenomenal photos of their special day.

Non-cluttered bridal prep room

Most likely, the photos of the day will start here. In the Bride’s room where she may be getting final hair and make-up touches before she slips into her dress. As a photographer, I know how important these photos are to brides. Especially if they are investing in an album.

If you are preparing in a hotel room, I suggest booking a room that has an adjoining space. You can keep all your bags and prepare in one space, then get ready in the other. If you only have one room, try keeping a good amount of space near a window clear for photos of you putting on your dress, details, etc.

Prepare / Bring the Details

wedding detail of badgley mischka and bridal bouquet

Every single detail is important on your weddings day. So don’t forget your details! These may include; rings, invitations, shoes, perfume bottle, earrings, dress, etc.

By providing all your details, the photographer can help put together a more comprehensive story of your day.

Tip: Purchase a nice wooden hanger for the photographer to hang your dress on.

Location, Location, Location

The location where you get your photos taken can make a huge difference in how they turn out. Obviously, photographers will adapt as best they can to get you amazing photographs no matter the situation, but by thinking through locations ahead of time you can save both you and the photographer a headache.

Try and pick locations that are cohesive to your theme, as well as fit your and your partner’s style! If you’re into the urban theme, find spots around downtown. On the other hand, if you’re more nature lovers, find a spot that you love outdoors in a nice park!

When picking your photography locations, don’t forget to factor in travel time to save you from rushing! Which leads me to…

Set aside enough time

Wedding days are no fun when you’re rushing through it all! Work with either your wedding coordinator or photographer to free up enough time for photos. For ceremonies that start earlier in the day, you will usually have an ample amount of time before you’re to arrive at the reception. For the ceremonies that start later between 3pm-5pm, you’re better off doing a first look before the ceremony.

Prepare for the weather

We can’t manage the weather, but you can manage expectations and prepare for it!

If your wedding is in February, most likely you’ll be shooting in snow (unless you live somewhere warmer than sunny Ohio). If you have a summer wedding you have a chance that it’s storming, super hot, or just right. Be sure to keep an eye on the 10-day forecast and prepare for your day.

If it looks like it might rain, be sure to grab some gorgeous umbrellas for the day or be prepared to shoot indoors. Also, don’t be afraid of a little dirt, mud, or water on your dress! Get the shots you want, because you can always clean your dress when it’s all over.

I recommend these clear umbrellas on Amazon!

Hire a phenomenal Hair and Makeup Artist

You won’t just get amazing photos back, but your photographer will have to do much less editing which will hopefully result in a quicker turn around with your photos!

Do a trial with a HMU artist to ensure you know what you’ll be getting on your wedding day.

Book a photographer that fits your style and ROCKS!

This is the key to it all! (Obviously) Every photographer has a different style of shooting/editing, and it’s important that you find a photographer that fits yours!

couples engagement session at ault park cincinnati

I also suggest booking your engagement session with the same photographer that will be photographing your wedding. By working with your photographer before your big day, it will give you and your partner an opportunity to get comfortable in front of that camera!

Are you currently feeling overwhelmed with your wedding planning??

I’ve created this Wedding Planning checklist that you can download for free! Click the photo below!

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