January Reflection | February Goals

January 31, 2018

What an amazing start to the year this last month as been! Right before the end of last year I set out a list of goals that I wanted to complete in 2018, and January was a solid start at getting closer to reaching all those goals! In regards to the wedding photography business, this time of year is always slow when it comes to shooting. I’m still booking and meeting with couples during this time, but without editing thousands of wedding photos during this period it gives me much more free time. With that extra free time during the winter months, it’s always a time I take to reflect, plan, and focus on personal development.

For me personal development refers to focusing on my mental wellness, fitness, and educating myself on a myriad of topics. It also includes taking the time to focus on personal passion projects that bring me happiness and also take me a little out of my comfort zone. For example, I have been increasingly falling in love with creating videos. I have no desire to make a career as a videographer, but by creating my own personal videos it helps to spark more creativity and confidence in myself. There’s something about cutting and editing a video together over editing photos that really ignite my creative fire. This month I filmed and cut a couple short videos with footage from around the town I live in. (I’ve included them at the bottom of this post)

In February I’m going to maintain my path of personal development, but increase my focus on creating. I want to create more videos, paint a few pieces of art, take more photos, write more blog posts, and share my work with the world. Unlike the wedding photos I take, everything I create outside that realm is for myself and brings me happiness. I’m excited to see what I come up with. 🙂 Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing everything with you either on here or over on the “Life with Andrew” Vlog!


February Goals

  • Book 4 2018 Weddings
  • Read 3 books
  • Paint 3 pieces
  • Run 85+ miles / Sign-up for 2 races
  • Upload 4 videos to YouTube



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